From pre-conception to the early years, birthlight is dedicated to the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and babies.

Birthlight is a friendly charity and teacher-training organisation focusing on the holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and babyhood, on land and water.   The inspiration for birthlight’s gentle yet dynamic approach to baby swimming comes from Amazonian forest people with whom Françoise Freedman lived as an anthropologist.  Birthlight baby swimming courses bring together principles of body balance in water, swimming teaching techniques, research on the teaching of water safety skills for babies and the positive effects of joyful parent-baby interaction on overall child development. Birthlight Water Parenting™ method ranging  from Aquanatal Yoga to toddler swimming as well as special baby and toddler swimming  is internationally acclaimed.

As the focus on pregnancy and birth becomes increasingly medical and science based, birthlight works in partnership with mainstream healthcare to ensure the physical and emotional nurturing of pregnant women and their families. From pre-conception to the third year, parents 
 can join birthlight classes and create what we call ‘an expanding spiral of joy and wellbeing’. 
 Internationally acclaimed, Birthlight has pioneered Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Baby Yoga, Baby Swimming and Well Woman Yoga.


Birthlight Teacher Training

Over the past 15 years, Birthlight has inspired and greatly contributed to a more holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood with an exceptional teacher training program. We use breathing awareness, spinal alignment, adapted yoga poses and flow-movement, touch, sound and relaxation in innovative programmes supported by an extensive underpinning knowledge of anatomy, physiology and scientific research evidence. Our programme is the result of a long process of adaptation, testing and teaching experience. There are now over 1,500 practitioners teaching birthlight techniques worldwide.