Birthlight Tutors

Sally-Lomas-SpeakerSally Lomas

Sally Lomas qualified as an Active Birth teacher in 1997 after training at the Active Birth centre in London. She continued her training with Françoise Freedman in Cambridge and qualified as a Birthlight teacher in Antenatal yoga and Postnatal Yoga and Baby Yoga.

Her Birthlight classes have been running successfully for many years in Cambridge. Sally is now a director of Birthlight Teaching Ltd, Joyful Babies and Joyful Dolphin Swim. She has been involved in the development of teacher training courses. These courses are offered in many locations and have gained international recognition. She is Director of Training at Birthlight and a tutor in Perinatal Yoga, Birthlight Yoga for Maternity, Aqua Yoga, Baby Yoga and Baby Swimming.

Professional connections include training teachers for Sure Start, Touch Learn and Kids Unlimited. Sally is also a qualified Montessori teacher and councilor and has many years experience working with parents and babies.

Sally is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance in the US.

She has four children and lives with her partner in Cambridge.




Amanda Gawthrope

Amanda is a Swimming teacher, Aqua Yoga teacher, Birthlight and STA tutor, disability swimming teacher and coach, water therapist, Halliwick teacher and speaker.

Inspired by her mother, a swimmer herself who taught Amanda to swim across the river Cam from the age of three. By the time she was fifteen, Amanda was competing in the British nationals swimming event and training in the holidays at Crystal Palace with the British team.

Before meeting Françoise Freedman, Amanda was teaching main stream swimming lessons for the City of Cambridge and working as a self employed reflexologist. Françoise was a new inspiration and after seeing her teaching baby swimming, she realised Birthlight’s way of swimming with babies was what she had been looking for.

Amanda approached the STA (Swimming Teachers Association) inviting them to see Birthlight swimming classes and methods, with the idea of accrediting the Birthilight organisation to a governing body in swimming, the STA invited Françoise to write their baby and pre-school teacher training manual which is in use with all tutors today.

With the aid of the STA manual, Amanda went on Françoise’s behalf to Taiwan to deliver one of Birthlight/STA’s first teacher training courses, accompanied by Lee Robinson the president of the STA. Baby swimming was unheard of there, the Taiwanese had never imagined putting young babies in the water before! Luckily one of the trainee teachers on the course had a six month old and allowed us to immerse his baby in the water which turned out to be very successful, making prime-time news on the television there.

Birthlight holds a special place in Amanda’s heart. Amanda has promoted its methods and philosophy at WABC (World Aquatic Baby Congress) conferences around the world, presenting twice with her good friend and colleague Sally Lomas in Hawaii and Norway.

Over ten years ago Amanda started a little group of special swimmers which today is known as CDKSC (Cambridge Disabled Kids Swim Club) a busy club with three teachers and many volunteers meeting twice a week. Amanda also coaches the City of Cambridge Disability squad.

Amanda runs Dolphin Baby Swim teaching babies and children water skills all over Cambridgeshire and beyond. She also founded Happy Dolphin Swim School in Bishops Stortford.



Shawn Tomlinson

Shawn began her journey to train as a conventional swimming teacher in 1999 after spending many years as a canoe instructor and life guard. During her training, she became aware of an innermost feeling that there had to be more to swimming than what she was being taught in the conventional classroom.

This awareness ran deep, as she had grown up as a water baby in Brazil, where oneness with the water had only brought great delight. As a mother of many children, all of whom loved to dip and dive and spend countless hours submerged, playing underwater games, she realised that this love for the aquatic environment could be passed on and taught to others.

“It was during this time, of great searching, that I came across the beautiful work of Françoise Freedman and Birthlight, I couldn’t wait to book on her course. I can say with all my heart that I was not disappointed. Over the years I have been able to see so many parents, grow in confidence and enjoy their water journeys with their families. Françoise, Sally and Amanda introduced me to the total delight of being a Birthlight teacher.”

From there it was another step and hours of studying to become a Birthlight Tutor, and since then, she began tutoring for Birthlight in the UK and abroad.

Shawn is a regular speaker at worldwide aquatic conferences, her work as a Neuro developmental delay therapist has enabled her to gain much experience and understanding on the effects of trauma on the emerging brain.

She has made it one of her priorities to help aquatic teachers to understand the importance of elective, child led submersions and to that effect, travels the world fulfilling speaking engagements.

Shawn is a INPP trained Neuro developmental delay therapist,  ASA teacher for swimming for people with disabilities, ASA and STA parent and child swimming teacher, Shaw Method swimming teacher, Birthlight Baby Yoga and Massage teacher, AquaNatal yoga teacher and Ai Chi Instructor.

Shawn is the founder of Living Water Swim School, mama to 6 and lives in Norfolk.




Alison Duff

Birthlight  teacher in Aqua yoga, Baby swimming and Baby Yoga,  Alison started her training with Birthlight in 2006 and has since been spreading birthlight’s spiral of joy through her Calmababy centre in Peterborough.  Alison has also recently qualified as a birthlight baby swimming tutor.










Judy Kuo

Judy began her journey with birthlight in 2007 when she could not find a suitable baby swimming program in Taiwan for her first born.  Through Shawn Tomlinson and Liz Doherty, she was so touched by the magic of birthlight and the fact that her son decided to quit daycare,  she left her post-MBA corporate life to become a full-time mom and a birthlight advocate.  In addition to sharing the birthlight spiral of joy with many parents and babies she has since obtained her diplomas in baby swimming and baby yoga, she also started birthlight Taiwan with her partner and brought on board many more birthlight baby swimming and baby yoga teachers in Taiwan since 2009.

Seeing the culture transformation of baby swimming in Taiwan, she took the work further to become a birthlight  tutor so that she may inspire more people with the birthlight magic touch.

“I truly believe that birthlight programs can create more happy loving parents and babies, which will result in less violence and more respect among people, and in the end bring more peace to the world and create a better tomorrow.”

Judy lives in Taiwan with her family. and has also contributed in bringing birthlight baby swimming training to China and Japan.